Reina Cristina

Reina Cristina can be defined as a different and unique, typical and central hotel near the Cathedral of Granada and surrounded by the social and commercial center full of Andalusian flavor.

The Hotel Reina Cristina is located in the old Casa de los Rosales Brothers. Federico Garcia Lorca sought refuge in the city after the outbreak of the Civil War in the summer of 1936. Lorca had taken refuge in house of the Rosales brothers fear. His friends tried to intercede for him to avoid arrest without success. Federico is located on the second floor of the house at the time of his arrest, on August 16, 1936.

The hotel has a cafeteria and restaurant called El Rincon de Lorca. You can taste the typical Granada excellences. They await the most characteristic dishes of a home cooking, as sacromonte omelette, beans Graná, gazpacho (at the time), fried fish of our coast alternating with others in a broad international menu as well as an exquisite and quick menu daily.

Granada Cathedral is 300 meters from Queen Cristina, and the Alhambra and the Generalife is 1.3 km. The nearest airport is Granada Airport - Jaén Federico García Lorca, 16 km from the Reina Cristina.