Hotel Reina Cristina

Best Price Guarantee

Terms and conditions

Hotel Reina Cristina guarantees that you will not find our hotel at a lower rate on any other website.
If you find a rate lower than our lowest rate within 24 hours of making your booking through our website, Hotel Reina Cristina will, after checking it, deduct the difference at the end of your stay with us and we will also compensate you with an extra 10% off.
To use the best price guarantee, please follow these simple steps and fill in the following form:

  • Book a room at the Hotel Reina Cristina through
  • If during the 24 hours following your booking you find the same room available, for the same date, booking through another online website, at a lower rate, pleasefill in our form.
  • After checking the lower rate is available and can be booked on such other website, we will deduct the difference plus 10% at the end of your stay at our hotel.