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Safe space

“Taking care of you is our priority.” At Hotel Reina Cristina we like to take care of you and we always consider the best for you. We want you to feel at home and that is why, now more than ever, your health is the most important thing. For this reason we have put into operation our protocol, which includes the redesign of the cleaning and hygiene processes to protect, take care of and guarantee both clients and hotel staff’s safety. This rigorous and exhaustive protocol has already been successfully tested in our hotel and restaurant.

Health and cleaning protocols

Hotel Reina Cristina


  • We increase the disinfection of the rooms, as well as the frequency of cleaning in the common areas every 45 minutes (including door knobs, lift buttons and any other surface or object within reach).
  • All room keys will be disinfected before use
  • Use of specific disinfectants for cleaning all surfaces in the room.
  • The ventilation of the rooms has been maximized.
  • Room rotation will be increased so that at least three days elapse between the stay of one client and the next.
  • Cleaning or maintenance services will be performed when the client is out of the room.
  • Decorative objects and stationery will be removed from the rooms.
  • All blankets and pillows in the wardrobes will be protected.
  • Minibar products will be available upon request.
  • Breakfast will be offered according to our hotel’s phase. In the first phase, breakfast will be served in the room. In the second phase, the common areas will be equipped with a la carte breakfast service and in the third phase, as currently decreed, the breakfast buffet will be set up, maintaining all the necessary security measures.
Hotel Reina Cristina

Common Areas

  • Common Areas
  • Our longstanding experience with full trust.
  • All clients will have hydroalcoholic gel at their disposal in all common areas of the hotel (reception, waiting areas, lift entrance, cafeteria, restaurant, meeting and event room, etc.).
  • At the entrance you will find a cleaner to disinfect your shoes.
  • Modification of the reception desks with methacrylate screens and signposting on the floor to guarantee compliance with the safety distance
  • The maximum capacity of the lifts will be adapted to guarantee the safety distance.
  • Temporary removal of furniture and decorative objects that prevent compliance with the safety distance.
  • Customers who request it will be provided with gloves, mask and thermometer.
  • Machine washing of any glassware and crockery (glasses, cups, etc.) at high temperature.
  • All cleaning products comply with the health guarantees against the virus.
  • The capacity of the common areas will be reduced to avoid crowding (breakfast hall and restaurants).
  • For those establishments with a fitness room, it will be necessary to make a reservation in advance.
  • We recommend the use of electronic means and make any payment through a credit or debit card to minimize contact.
  • Express check-out available.
  • Our teams receive continuous training to apply and update security measures.
  • For the realization of events and the use of the meeting rooms, the measures of distance and protection of the assistants, as well as the catering services, will be respected at all times.
Hotel Reina Cristina

We take scrupulous care of every detail of your trip with the same smile as always

  • We apply all the measures and recommendations of the health authorities, adding our own measures to protect customers, suppliers and employees. In addition, all our employees receive constant training to ensure the correct application of the measures established in the protocols.
Hotel Reina Cristina

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it safe to stay at the Hotel Reina Cristina?: We have reinforced all the cleaning and disinfection protocols in rooms and common areas of our establishments according to the recommendations of the health authorities, but we have also added our own measures. All our team and suppliers receive continuous training and we carry out periodic audits to guarantee your safety. We have been able to verify the effectiveness of our protocols to prevent the risk of contagion as they have been put in place during the period in which the hotels have been operating as temporary residences to house health personnel, as well as those that remain open to receive our clients.
  • How does Hotel Reina Cristina guarantee the cleanliness of its facilities? Your safety is our priority and that is why we have increased the frequency of cleaning and disinfection on regular contact surfaces, as well as ventilation, to ensure your safety. In all our reception desks we have installed protective screens and signs to guarantee the distance between people and we also installed hydroalcoholic gel dispensers. We have masks and gloves available for those clients who request them.
  • What happens if the hotel is closed? You can choose between a full refund or a voucher that can be redeemed until February 2021.
  • What happens if the hotel is open, but I cannot make my trip due to force majeure? Do not worry, we are at your disposal to help you. Do not hesitate to write to us at the hotel so that we can revise your reservation. We are aware that we are in an extraordinary situation and that there are external causes that may affect your travel plans.
  • Can I book now and cancel later at no extra cost? Yes, you can. Remember that our flexible rates allow you to cancel your reservation free of charge up to the day of arrival.